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This is basically a gabled dormer, but the dormer roof flares out in the same way that the main roof on a house often flares out to accommodate a porch or an addition. On the dormer, the flared roof helps shade the windows, a boon when dormers face south or : west in regions where summers are hot. Intricate corbels support the overhang of the roof. Out , of all dormer styles, a shed dormer maximizes living space. It is therefore the most popular option for people who want to build an extra room in their house. A shed dormer is installed on a sloped roof and does not have a peak or hip in its design. Our company specializes in Dormers, Extensions, Mother Daughter and Garage Conversions. Contact us today, your dormer specialists, for top-quality dormers, home extensions, dormer additions, and mother-daughter extensions. The number to call is 631-957-5555. We will gladly answer any of your questions. When you call, we can also provide you with a free consultation and estimate. We look forward to working with you!replacement shower stallAre you planning on installing a shower stall? Great! Handicapped accessible showers are a worthy addition to homes with people with special needs or the elderly. Not sure how much the stall will set you back? Wersquove looked up , seats are more costly at $4,000 to $5000. Small, acrylic showers are on the other end """"""""



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