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Pet Challenge with our kids #petchallenge @englishworkshopco

Updated: May 9, 2020

Because we really miss our kids at school, Amy, one of our teachers, decided to organise a challenge with them.

"Take a picture of your pet (dog, cat...) in funny circumstances."

Here, we can see Amy's dog : Charles watching "The Pirate Song"
Amy's dog, Charles watching "The Pirate Song" on our e-learning website

Louis' turtle is having a look at the Easter Chick activity.
Little Sofia's dog with a patch and her pirate picture !
Lise's dog drawing geometric shapes.
Mayalene's toy wolf wearing sunglasses !
Camille and Aymeric's fluffy toy working on counting the animals from the farm.
It seems like Chloe's cat is getting bored playing video games !
Marine's cat is a real book lover <3
Don't disturb Thao's dog, he's learning english too !
Lucie's teddy bear has some plans for this week-end !
Aymeric and Camille's fish are also learning english...
Luisa & Matilda's dog is trying to help them with the quiz on our e-learning website.

Anthony's cat is supervising his work !

Loic's dog can't wait to go back to school.

Lya's dogs, all dressed up !

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